Calgary to start noise crackdown


Loud exhausts are still popular with some motorcyclists, but they're going to cost Calgarians $200 for every violation, starting in June.

Remember last year, when we told you Calgary was going to deploy a new technology (called a noise trap) to fight loud vehicles?

Last summer, Calgary’s city government said they were going to start using a noise trap to ticket vehicles making more than 96db of noise. The device works like photo radar; it identifies an offender, and records video and audio of the offending vehicle. That information is then used to hand out a ticket in a very tidy and robotic manner.

The noise trap will target any loud vehicle, but it was designed by an Edmonton man after a loud motorcycle woke his sleeping baby.

They’re about to start using it on May 31, and last Saturday, they gave a demonstration to Calgary drivers and riders who wanted to know if they were in compliance with the anti-noise bylaw.

For the first month of deployment, offenders will only get a warning for noise violations. After that, they’ll be looking at $200 tickets. So, while some bikers say loud pipes save lives, they won’t be saving any money.

After last year’s string of stories about cities cracking down on loud pipes, we haven’t heard anything in quite a while. Could this be the start of another season if irate anti-noise advocates continuing their battle against open exhausts?


  1. At 96dB, they are cracking down on straight pipe users, debaffled bikes and exhaust that is track only…whether it’s a straight pipe V twin, or the scream of a super sport…it’s obnoxious and I don’t see why the public should put up with it.  I like the sound of tuned exhaust (music to the ears), but a straight pipe is just noise…I only have a real problem with this if they only target bikes, since there are enough sport tuner cars, diesel trucks & muscle cars that would “qualify” for this as well…


  2. Hi, I have the misfortune of always having lived along a major thoroughfare; as a consequence, I am totally familiar with noisy bikes and cars. Just now I was following a touring bike (a wellknown brand!!) of all tings and its muffler was deafening!! Too bad, the cops are more interested in making money setting speed traps. Adrianvee

    •  “Too bad, the cops are more interested in making money setting speed traps.”

      Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Noisy bikes do more to sully the reputation of all motorcyclists than everything else put together. FYI, 96dB is LOUD. Anything more than that is REALLY LOUD.

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