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Teetering on the brink

Motorcyclists are never too old for the playground, judging by this YouTube video of the  Cal Poly Penguin Dual Sport ride.

Risky retirement

Here's the retired couple having a smashing time at a Scottish racetrack in 2008. Photo: Daily Mail

Forget about Freedom 55, U.K. retirees Robin and Annette Daykin have got a better plan: They’ve taken up sidecar racing.

While folks their age (Robin is 74 and Annette is 62) are often more concerned with liver pills or booking flights south for the winter, the Daykins have got more spunk than that. They sold their farm, but they didn’t buy an RV with the proceeds – they bought an R6-powered hack to race in the U.K.’s Sidecar TT. They’d started racing a Royal Enfield in the Classic Cub series, but found it boring.

Chances are they won’t find the Isle of Man boring, although it’s not their first time there. Robin first raced the track as a 20-year-old in 1957, and the couple raced it last year and had a fabulous time, they said. That sure beats picking out walkers and living on prune juice …

Story source: Daily Mail

Highside heroics

There are some legendary racetrack high-side saves on YouTube. Here’s the latest.

Loud pipes land you in jail

We're not sure, but it's possible the Mexicans were running Tailgunner exhausts.

Some bikers love to say that loud pipes save lives, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Consider the case of a couple Mexican motorcyclists whose excessive exhaust noise landed them in jail facing terrorism charges.

Apparently, the bikers’ backfiring machines caused a panic during a religious parade in Mexico – bystanders assumed the staccato blasts were gunfire and ran madly off in all directions. Authorities claimed the bikers intentionally revved their machines to that end, so now they’re facing up to 20 years in jail if convicted of terrorism.

If this sounds ridiculous to you, don’t be surprised; after all, we’re talking about the same country that charged a six-year-old boy with reckless driving, driving without a license and having an unregistered vehicle after he drove his bike into an SUV.

Story source: Visordown

Survival bike

When the nanny-state government finally outlaws motorcycles, then only outlaws will have motorcycles – and folks like this guy, who can apparently cobble one together out of all the garbage they have laying around the garage.


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