Norton readying for Isle of Man

Norton's engineers are working overtime to bring their Aprilia-powered racer to the Isle of Man.
Norton's engineers are working overtime to bring their Aprilia-powered racer to the Isle of Man.

The fellows at Norton are busy readying their machine for the upcoming Isle of Man TT, and they’re happy with their progress.

A post on the Norton website says the race team is track testing the Aprilia-powered machine now, fine-tuning the handling and braking. It’s even passed what they call the “165-mph, no hands” test, which is a pretty good indication of its stability.

Simon Skinner, their top designer, says “The biggest stuff in terms of the design and engineering are all now done and the list of things to do is much smaller, but no less important. Some of these are going to take a lot of work to get right but we have a good team and determination.”

Isle of Man veteran Ian Mackman, who’ll be riding the Norton, says the bike feels quite small, handling like a 600cc machine. Combine 195 bhp with a motorcycle that only weighs 190 kg, and Norton has a very potent weapon on hand for their return to the island course that made them famous.

Some riders may not like the new V4-powered motorcycle, saying it isn’t a traditional Norton, but there’s no question the machine should make an impact at the TT and help Norton rebuild their image, as long as Mackman can keep it between the lines.


  1. It’s not uncommon for smaller makes to buy engines from other manufacturers.  Lotus uses the Toyota and Rover engines in the Elise.  Buell also used a Rotax engine for a little while.

    • To the best of my knowledge, Lotus has never built their own engines. Motorcycle companies are best known for their motors (Harley, Ducati). Most car companies are best known for their bodies/chassis (Ferrari).

      As far as this “Norton” is concerned, the designers have done a fine job of fine-tuning the logo which will appear on the tank.

  2. …..Wouldn’t an “Aprillia-powered” bike be an……APRILLIA????

    Or am I not thinking far enough “out of the box”?

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