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Don’t get mad – get even

Bam, baby! A quick shot over the bow of an errant soccer mom's SUV should guarantee you all the lane space you want. Photo: Wikipedia

Don’t you just hate it when a cager cuts you off? Well, if you’ve got the dough, you can solve your problem by flying to the Coys auction in Monaco tomorrow and bidding on this armed scooter, complete with a 75mm anti-tank rifle.

It’s hard to believe, but this is an actual military surplus machine. Apparently, about 800 of these were used in Algeria in the 1950s by the French army, the only military who’d ride a Vespa into combat. They would be parachuted in with a two-man scooter-riding team; one scooter carried the cannon, the other carried ammunition. The cannon fired from a tripod, not a scooter.

The idea was that the scooter would make it easier to transport the cannon, but we’ve got to wonder why the French picked a two-wheeler with so little ground clearance and no reverse gear …

Story source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

The outlaw life

So you thought that, with Sons of Anarchy, there was more than enough television following the mad exploits of outlaw motorcyclists? Well, the Discovery Channel disagrees with you. They’re bringing out a documentary about San Diego’s Laffing Devils motorcycle club.

At least it sounds like they’ve got the same voiceover guy who did the Gangland series – maybe he can use his experience to give the Laffing Devils some advice on how real gangs like the Pagans and Hells Angels do business. Oh, and a lesson on spelling may not go amiss either.

It’s a boy!

Because there’s nothing more masculine than a 180cc Bajaj Pulsar …

A brief escape

We figure the speedster used a pair of granny panties to obscure his plate - a thong wouldn't provide the necessary coverage.

Can a pair of panties help you avoid a scrape with the law? A South African biker thought so, but it seems he was wrong.

The rider was initially involved in a high-speed pursuit with police cars and managed to give them the slip. Not only did he outrun them, he also managed to keep them from nabbing his plate number with an ingenious brainwave: he draped a set of women’s underwear over the tag to obscure it.

Unfortunately for him, the law also has eyes in the sky; the coppers found him later with the help of a police helicopter. Now, he’s charged with trying to defeat the ends of justice and police are planning to lay more charges. He’d better enjoy his remaining time as a free man – it will likely be brief …

Story source: Visordown

Mad skillz

Warning: stunting on a mini motorcycle can be hazardous to your public image.


  1. Nothing more masculine than a Bajaj??  Nothing more stupid than lane splitting between two tractor trailers and selling it as cool.  Marketing types must be on crack!

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