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A true all-rounder

Like the video description says, it seems there’s nothing this vehicle – a combination of a motorcycle, quad and a tractor –  can’t do, except inspire respect!

Bieber buys a bike

Could this be the world's next bad-buttocked biker? He likely doesn't need a helmet, thanks to all that hair ... Photo: Wikipedia

What does a teen singing sensation blow his money on, if he’s not into drugs and hookers (at least, not in public)? Well, Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber answered that question by spending around twenty grand on a Ducati 848 EVO a few days ago.

Bieber’s reason for buying the bike? It wasn’t to ride, at least not legally – he doesn’t have a motorcycle licence. No, Bieber bought the bike because his pal Usher recommended it.

To maintain that spirit of individualism so essential to motorcycling, though, Bieber went out and bought a white bike, instead of a black one like Usher’s. Next thing you know, he’ll be out there riding dirty and sticking it to the fuzz. After all, he’s surely like the rest of us – just a brother who wants to ride his machine without being hassled by The Man. Right? We doubt it …

For the birds

How fast can a pigeon fly? As fast as a cruiser can handle Croatian back roads, apparently.

Hard times in Europe

This could all be yours, for $20 an hour. Photo: Wikipedia

How bad is Greece’s economy? So bad, says Mike Werner on his blog, that the Greek government is hiring out motorcycle cops as escorts (the security kind, not the other kind, we’re pretty sure).

Big deal, you say, cops work security gigs to make ends meet all over the world. But the Greek government is supposedly offering the motorcycle escort service for $20 an hour. That’s cheaper than a taxi in Canada!

We’re not sure if the bikes are able to take pillion riders, but if you’re in Athens anytime soon, this would be a new way to tour the city! Just don’t ask your driver the famous pun “What’s a Grecian urn?

Story source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

Road hazard

If you want to learn to wheelie, find a parking lot.

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