Cardo introduces scala rider G9 comm system

Want to keep in touch with your riding buddies on the road? The scala rider G9 offers bike-to-bike communications, but you can also use its web support to stay in touch away from the street, or even set up rides.

Cardo has introduced their new scala rider G9 motorcycle communications system, and it’s loaded with features to keep you talking – pun totally intended.

The new wireless G9 system connects up to eight riders, at a distance of up to a mile. The Intercom Conference Mode allows full duplex conversations with fellow riders up to a mile apart, enabling four-way conversations between two drivers and two passengers, three-way conversations between three separate riders and two-way rider-to-rider or rider-to-passenger conversations.

As well, the new One+8 Intercom Toggling Mode enables riders to call fellow G9 riders by voice tag and to toggle back and forth between up to eight other users riding together. Click-to-Link, another unique Cardo Intercom feature, allows users to make spontaneous connections to any scala rider G9 or G4 user within range. Flash Pairing allows users to establish a connection in seconds by bumping two scala rider G9 units together.

Still not interconnected enough for you? The scala rider G9 also has  the Cardo Community web platform, which gives users an online venue to name tag their G9 unit, invite friends for a ride, plan tours, meet up with fellow riders, and customize the scala rider G9 to enhance social networking.

The system also allows wireless access to your Bluetooth cell phone, GPS and also has MP3 music streaming functions. There’s a cable input for your MP3 player, if you require one. There’s a built- in FM radio as well. Many of these functions are voice-controlled, to add hands-free safety; the music or radio functions are programmed to pause to allow riders to receive GPS instructions or phone calls.

The G9 has about 12 hours of talktime, and a standby of about seven days; it charges in three hours and features Digital Signal Processing.. It meets IP67 dustproof and waterproof standards, and it’s compatible with the rest of Cardo’s line, with certain restrictions.

If you want to know where to buy a G9 unit or need more information, you can check out the Cardo website here.

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