Scooters safer than mopeds, motorcycles, study says

Want two-wheeled safety? Get yourself a scooter, a university study says.

Scooters are safer to ride than mopeds and motorcycles, a study from the Queensland University of  Technology says.

According to an article on The Motor Report, the study found moped crashes occurred more often per registered vehicle, as well as per kilometre traveled, than motorcycle crashes. They also found 45 per cent of moped crashes involved trips to the hospital.

The study also found motorcycle accidents were fatal in about 3.4 per cent of reported accidents, compared with one per cent of reported moped and scooter crashes, presumably because of a motorcycle’s higher performance. Scooter riders, the study says, are riding more carefully, with motorcyclists taking more risks.

Their study also says scooters are used for the same purpose as mopeds (in Australia, a moped is a 49cc two-wheeler restricted to 50 km/h), but are involved in fewer accidents. They suggest this is because scooter riders hold a motorcycle license, and have necessary skills to survive on the street, while moped riders may only have a car licence; as well, a moped may be lacking in acceleration needed for safety on the street.

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