More photos: Vyrus 986 M2

Here's the new roadgoing Vyrus, without lights.
Here's the new roadgoing Vyrus, without lights.
Here's a view of the front of the Vyrus, with headlight installed.

The roadgoing version of the Vyrus 986 M2 was supposed to be released last fall. They obviously missed that deadline, but here are some photos of where that project is at right now.

Besides having some lights bolted on, the CBR600RR-powered machine has changed a fair bit since it was first unveiled in early 2011. Most importantly, the designers have ditched the hydraulic-powered steering, as hydraulics are illegal for anything beside brakes in MotoGP, and Vyrus had originally hoped to race this bike in Moto2.

The bike retains its hub steering, but now has a steering column running straight to the bike’s cockpit.

The price is still supposed to just under $40,000 Canadian, once you convert currencies ($80,000 for the race version), and there’s no word if the bike will be imported to Canada. If you want one bad enough, and you’ve got the money, we’re sure there’s a way to get one in.


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