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Felonious fuzz

... Although now that we think about it, cops in India probably don't eat donuts.

Next time you find yourself riding through the town of Pune, in India, and your motorcycle is stolen, you might want want to think your police report through carefully.

Realistically, none of us will probably ever find ourselves in that position, and we should be grateful. That means we won’t be in the same position as Avinash Deshmukh, a Pune resident who recently found his two-wheeler had been pinched. After filing his police report – and being charged a hefty fee for doing so – he decided to go home and review his CCTV tape.

You might be able to figure out what he saw, but we’ll tell you the rest of the story anyway. According to his surveillance footage, the bike burglar was a local police officer. Not only did the cops charge him to work on the case, one of the boys in blue had taken his bike in the first place.

Deshmukh did get his bike after complaining again to the police (they said it had been “recovered”), so the story isn’t all bad. And if nothing else, it serves as an illustration to the old bumper sticker that says crime wouldn’t pay, if the government got involved.

Story source: IBN Live

Little Runaway

You know what’s really annoying for traffic cops? When the perp motors off, just as they are ready to dispense some justice. Obviously, that sort of behaviour is really stupid, and a great way to land in jail. But sometimes, it just happens, and there’s nobody to blame.

Watch for finger

A motorcycle is certainly a cheaper way to the hospital than an ambulance, but riding pillion while holding your missing finger in a bag can't be fun.

The cops have their hands in this next story as well. Actually, that may be a poor choice of words.

A OPP officer had a bit of a shock a couple days ago when she pulled over a speeding motorcycle and was told the reason for the high-speed ride was a medical emergency – the passenger had cut off his finger while working on his bike, and was being rushed to the hospital aboard his friend’s two-wheeler, with the finger in a bag, to have it re-attached.

Thankfully, the cop didn’t hassle them with a stupid ticket. Instead, she threw the bleeding pillion into her cruiser, flipped on the siren and lights, and rushed him to the hospital.

We don’t know if the hospital managed to re-attach the finger, but of they didn’t, at least the accident victim can tell all his riding buddies that he has something in common with with John Hopkins.

Story source:

Get your kicks

A fake kickstarter? Bolt this on to your CBR600 trackside and you're guaranteed to get some attention.

Even though electric start has been standard on most street bikes for almost five decades now, some people still like the traditional feel of a kickstarter. If you prefer to kick your bike to life, you’ve got two options: some people laboriously retro-fit kickstarters to their machines, OR, you can head over to Biker’s Choice and buy this bad boy.

Because it’s essentially a replacement for your start switch, the possibilities are endless. You can fit this thing on to a Boss Hoss, if you really want to impress your friends with your mad kicking skills – all without worrying about the bike kicking back.

Story source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

Voice-activated safety?

Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands had a problem. Their delivery vehicles weren’t noisy enough.

Normally, a quiet vehicle is considered a good thing in a city core, but the company’s electric pizza delivery scooters weren’t flying with local bicyclists, who thought the quiet battery bikes were dangerous, since they couldn’t hear them coming.

The solution? We would have suggested filling the wheels with hockey cards, but instead they went another route. Watch the video!


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