Schuberth brings out new S2 helmet

Here's Schubert's new helmet, the S2.
Here's Schuberth's new helmet, the S2.

Schuberth has a new addition to their lineup, the S2 full-face helmet.

It’s not going to be cheap – MSRP is $699 – but it’s made with the same ideas as their award-winning C3 flip-up helmet; the S2 is supposed to be light, quiet, and communications-friendly. Randy Northrup, the company’s North American VP, says the S2 “sets a new standard in the application of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics in helmet technology.”

As well, according to their press release, the S2 is “the world’s first motorcycle helmet with an internal Dual Band Antenna which enhances the reception of the Bluetooth Schuberth Rider Communication System.” In other words, it should help riders keep in touch on the road.

The S2 is full of all sorts of aerodynamic technology. That's what you get for a $699 helmet.

The S2 features Schuberth’s proprietary S.T.R.O.N.G. woven glass fiber material, their patented Anti Roll Off System (AROS), and “turbulators” on the face shield to eliminate wind noise. It’s made in two different shell sizes, to optimize fit, and it’s supposed to be much more compact and aerodynamic than its predecessor, the S1, discontinued back in 2006.

Schuberth is also working on an updated Schuberth Rider Communication System, the SRCS-2, specifically designed for the S2, that should be released this summer. This an Bluetooth communication system, integrated in an easy-to-install neck collar, enables users to wirelessly connect to passengers or other riders for half a mile, through the S2’s internal antenna. It also lets riders interface with their navigation system, cellular phone or mp3 player and to receive FM radio.

The S2 will be available in sizes XS-XXXL, and colours gloss black, matte black, gloss silver and gloss white

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