Videos: Lito Sora, at the track, and crazy BC biker

The bike that police say was used in the infamous speeding video has been sold at auction.
Here's what happens when you get a biker with no sense and a lot of horsepower.

We’ve got a couple videos for you today.

First, here’s a video of the Lito Sora electric bike, from Quebec, at a track outing. It’s great to see the company displaying their bike as a functioning machine – too often, electric bikes never get far beyond the CAD stage. And in case you want to learn more, here’s the story Costa wrote about the Lito, back in March.

And as for today’s other video …

Cops out in Saanich, BC are trying to find the motorcyclist who posted this video, showing an R1 reaching speeds of 299 km/h as they cut in and out of traffic. The original poster/uploader seems to have deleted their YouTube account, but somebody else has saved the video for all to see the rider’s antics, as they split traffic and generally rip around.

Hey, people – unless you want cops out there looking for you, don’t do this stuff on the highway, and certainly don’t post it to YouTube.



  1. They seem to have caught Mr. Idiot. Suspended license and dozens of infractions, as you can guess.
    The R-1 belongs to his mom…

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