Audi, Ducati about to make a deal?

Could this Hypermotard design be VW property, at this time tomorrow?

Depending who you ask, the Italian motorcycle landscape is on the verge of serious change – or maybe not.

According to Bloomberg News, Audi, through parent company the VW Group, is on the verge of buying Ducati for $1.1 billion. Supposedly, the deal will go down tomorrow.

Bloomberg says this purchase has been a long time in the making; they say VW Group chairman Ferdinand Piech wanted to buy Ducati back in 2008, but lost out to current owners Investindustrial. It’s Piech’s 75th birthday today, so maybe he’s going to get the ultimate birthday present – a classic motorcycle marque, with fantastic history and style.

However, not everyone says the VW Group/Audi deal is a cinch to go through.

According to the Dow Jones newswire, Investindustrial owner Andrea Bonomi is keen to tell reporters they’re not just talking sales with Audi. And, he says this week’s talks will be important, but not decisive.

Maybe he’s just keeping his cards close to his chest, and maybe he’s telling the truth. Who knows? That buyout by Hero could still happen … which could set up a Buell/Hero/Ducati connection capable of incredibly cool, yet affordable, bikes.

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