Honda releases CRF250L details

Honda's new dual sport is available in red or white.
Honda's new dual sport is available in red or white.

Honda has released more details of their CRF250L dual sport.

Based around the CBR250R’s motor, we first saw the CRF250L last fall on the show circuit. It’s going on sale next month in Japan, but it will likely be late July by the time we see the bike here in Canada.

The bike will have a 34.5-inch seat height and weigh 315 pounds at the curb. It’ll have 10 inches of ground clearance and a 57-inch wheelbase.

On-road? Off-road? With the CRF250L, the choice is up to you.

Fuel capacity is 7.7 litres, tires are 21 inches in front and 18 inches in rear and it has an inverted front fork with 250mm cushion stroke.The Pro-Link suspension in the rear has 240mm of axle travel.

The headlight is a  60/55w unit, and the bike has a twin-tube steel frame. The machine will be available in red and white.

Supposedly, riding 60 km/h on a level road will give you 102 mpg on the motorcycle.


  1. I’ve got a CBR250R. I love that bike (my other ride is an FJR 1300). The WR engine is rated at 27hp, the CBR at 24hp. The CBR runs at 6K at 100km and will pull 140km/h pretty easily. Top speed is around 155km/h. It’s got no problems running on the hwy.

    Of course, it depends on how the CRF is geared as well. My CBR pulls down an avg of  94mpg / 3 l/100km and I don’t baby it trying to do that.

    I’m really interested in this bike and I’m considering moving my CBR for the CRF. I live in Northern Ontario where crapatacular roads are a way of life. It’s just better suited to the kind of riding I do locally. But that 7.7l tank! Really?! Subtract a litre to be unavailable. Lets hope the aftermarket gears up with a bigger tank!

    My CBR with a 13l tank is good for about 300-325km before reserve. 210km from 7l just doesn’t cut it for me.

  2. What is the horse power going to be like? I’ve ridden my sisters CRF230 and not been impressed past 80kph. Is this going to compare favourably with the Yamaha WR250X?

    • My second bike is a CRF230M, so I’m really interested in the
      new one. I already saw the CRF250L prototype at the Montreal Motorcycle Show
      last February. It has the great CBR250R engine, but the assembly and the
      materials (the cheap exhaust and the space left on the top of the side panels)
      didn’t impress me. According to a dealer the Canadian price will be around
      4500$, and some corners were cut in order to keep the price low. 

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