Ivan Mavrinac, founder of IM Leathers, dead after heart attack

Ivan Mavrinac built leathers for racers for almost four decades; now his daughter Jennifer will carry on with the family business.
Ivan Mavrinac built leathers for racers for almost four decades.

We just found out this week, but Ivan Mavrinac, founder of Hamilton’s IM Leathers, died on March 30 after suffering a heart attack. He was 63 years old.

Mavrinac’s work was well-known and highly respected in the racing world; top Canadian riders like Jordan Szoke, Steve Crevier, Dave Parker and Steve Beattie wore his creations. The suits he built at IM Leathers had a reputation for being tough, long-lasting, and able to protect a rider’s skin in nasty high-speed crashes.

Mavrinac’s company was originally founded in 1969, to provide items like belts and purses to stores like Le Chateau and Dalmys. Before long, he was building suits for riders in Canada’s growing roadracing scene. He ended up building racing leathers for almost 40 years.

For those who want to pay their respects, there will be  a memorial for him at Mavrinac’s shop in Hamilton (257 King St. East) this Saturday at 3 p.m.


  1. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say thank-you for all the kind words and appreciation for his work.  He spent many many years building some of the toughest suits in the business and keeping you all safe. That’s probably why I found it so hard to close the shop…so I’ve decided to carry on the Mavrinac name as well as the brand in the riding community. Please let everyone know that the shop is still there and I’m busy doing alterations, repairs and new suits. Since Ivan sold the house last August we are now located at 257 King Street East between Wellington and Ferguson.

    Thanks again,
    Jennifer Mavrinac

  2. So sad to hear this… may you rest in peace Ivan… I still wear my riding jacket you made for me over 10 years ago.. A very talented man and a great loss.. my condolences to all your family and friends.. A. Somerville

  3. I’m numb having only heard about this today as been away for a while and he was such a big supporter of my racing program from my first day to my last.  I will miss him dearly as I am sure many will and I’ll forever treasure the many suits he made for me.
    Gecko Racing #169

  4. Very sad to hear this.  I have a road riding suit made by Ivan and it’s a work of great craftsmanship.
    He didn’t take measurements, just snipped out a pattern in a light fabric, saying basically “trust me, I know what I’m doing” and he did.
    I know I’ll still be wearing it years from now.  My name is Thompson, but I’m not #333.

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