Saxon Motorcycles for sale

Now that the public's tastes lie elsewhere, it'll likely be hard to sell an outfit like Saxon Motorcycles.

If you needed more proof that the chopper craze is over, check this out: according to Cyril Huze, Saxon Motorcycles is looking for a buyer.

While they’ve never had the fame or notoriety of other custom shops like Orange County Choppers or West Coast Choppers, Saxon has been trying to muscle their way into a larger market share the last few years; not long ago, they moved into a 40,000 square foot facility in Arizona with capability to build 1,200 motorcycles a year.

But in today’s economy, that’s a lot of choppers to sell, and Huze says the company is “discreetly” looking for someone to buy them out.

This would be the second time the company has been sold since it was founded in 2004; the original owners also ran into financial difficulties and sold in 2009.

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