Symtec signs Canadian distributor

Want to warm your hands, seat, or feet? Heat Demon should have you covered.

Symtec, the company behind Heat Demon heated riding gear, has signed a distribution deal with Kimpex.

At the Indianapolis Dealer Expo this February, there was a lot of new battery-powered heated gear on display; it’s an easy way for riders to stay comfortable without monkeying around, trying to figure out how to plug a vest into their wiring harness. The battery heated gear also takes a load off your bike’s charging system.

Heat Demon’s gear is compatible with both a motorcycle’s wiring system, as well as their battery system, which isn’t available yet, but should be this summer. They sell vests, grip warmers, boot warmers and heated seats, for motorcycles as well as ATV accessories

Considering that this equipment will be available here soon, as well as several other similar systems, there should be no reason why you can’t extend your riding season into cold weather.

0 thoughts on “Symtec signs Canadian distributor”

  1.  ‘as well as their battery system, which isn’t available yet but should be this summer’

    Well it should really work well then. sounds like it is run by the gubrment

    1.  Actually, the gubrment is the hold-up. The battery packs exist, I saw them in Indianapolis. They just need to have gov’t approval before they can sell.

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