Bajaj buys more KTM stock

KTM will have a new four-stroke
Bajaj is buying all the KTM stock they can get their hands on, but a takeover doesn't seem likely right now.

Bajaj is still buying up all the KTM stock they can get their hands on; now, they almost own half the company.

Yesterday, word got out that Bajaj had purchased another 6.3 per cent of the Austrian manufacturer’s stock, putting them at just over 47 per cent ownership of KTM.

They’ve been at this a while, (since 2007, actually) but it doesn’t seem like they’ll ever control the company, unless CROSS Industries, KTM’s promotion group, is willing to split up their 50.1 per cent share of the outfit. Right now, that just doesn’t seem likely.

With their key position in the booming Indian motorcycle market, Bajaj built about 12 per cent of all KTMs sold last year; by 2015, they expect that number to be around 50 per cent. The times, they are a changin’.


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