New, reworked Honda scooters announced

U.S. customers can buy the new PCX150 this summer, but we don't have any word yet on Canadian availability.
U.S. customers can buy the new PCX150 this summer, but we don't have any word yet on Canadian availability.

Honda has announced a new scooter for 2013, as well an upgrade for the PCX 125 and the Metropolitan.

The PCX125 is going to get Honda’s new eSP (enhanced Smart Power) single-cylinder, liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, designed with greater efficiency and reduced emissions in mind, but it’s also going to get some competition in the lineup, with the introduction of the new PCX150.

New four-stroke engine? Check. Reworked, but still classic, styling? Check. This is the 2013 Honda Metropolitan.

The PCX150 is built around a more powerful, larger displacement version of the eSP motor; Honda claims the larger engine “makes it freeway capable.” Hrrrm. Supposedly, Honda’s people in the U.S. say the machine will be available this summer, but we don’t know anything about Canadian availability yet.

The Metropolitan scooter gets new styling for 2013, along with a fuel-injected 49cc four-stroke motor. Headlight and gauges have been reworked, along with the handlebar and taillight. It has 22 litres of under-seat storage, so you should have no trouble pulling off those two-wheeled grocery runs.

The U.S. should get the Metropolitan in June, but again, we don’t know anything about Canadian availability.


  1. “To serve riders who prefer to decorate their bikes in their own unique styles, Honda offers a wide range of C-parts for enhanced decoration that meets customer demands and also provides a collection of fashionable apparel that matches the new model.”

    • Best selling bike in the history of bikes and they can’t bring it to North America. Most of the dealers in BC still have 09 veraderos on the floor. I am not sure what they did with the dn01s

      • $10 for a chain and sprocket set for my wave, including installation. Excuse me while I go try to remember why I came back to this frozen craphole.

  2. My understanding is that the PCX150 is replacing the PCX125, not being sold alongside it. Honda is saying this scooter is ‘freeway capable’ because 150cc is the legal minimum in the USA. So they’re saying you’re now allowed on the freeways, not that it’s going to be a good tool for the job.

    Hopefully Canada gets some good news soon. I’d love to see the Elite 110 introduced here.

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