Yamaha shows off cool concept scooter

Yamaha's TTX Adventure concept is their second adventure concept machine this season, after the Tokyo show's XTW250. Photo: Gizmag

Yamaha was showing off a cool new concept at the Thai Motor Show last week – an adventure scooter, based on Yamaha’s new Yamaha TTX 115i, says Gizmag.

Hard sidebags? Check! Accessory off-road lamps? Check! This ain't your average scoot. Photo: Gizmag

Like the standard TTX, the TTX Adventure is powered by a fuel-injected 115cc motor with fuel injection and an automatic transmission … and those are the only specs we have. We do know, though, it’s designed with dual sporting intentions in mind, with long-travel suspension and knobbies.

It also has some adventure riding features, such as hard luggage feature, instead of the usual top case found on scooters. It also features a pair of accessory lamps bolted on beside the headlight, complete with wire guards.

Adventure-styled machines with dual-sport capability are growing in popularity all the time, so Yamaha’s timing with the concept (as well as their XTW250 concept earlier this season) is spot-on. It’s not as if there’s a lot of competition in the adventure scooter market right now, either. Will they ever actually build it, or import it to North America, and would the public actually buy it over here? Only time will tell.

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  1. U bones are not suited for gravel roads due to the swingarm-engine-cvt unit. Not an issue in Thailand as all the roads are paved, even in the boonies.

  2. If they were to put it into production they’d sell a million.
    Every off-road wannabe would have to have one to ride down to Starbucks…

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