Report: Audi makes an offer to buy Ducati

Coming soon, to a scooter near you?
Could Audi's logo be tied to Ducati, soon?

Audi is putting its money where its mouth is, say reports from Italy.

The  Correrie di Bologna is reporting Audi, through the Volkswagen Group, has offered 750 million euros to buy Ducati from current owners Investindustrial.

That’s less than the 832 million euros Invesindustrial is reportedly asking, but according to the report it’s still a good deal; supposedly, the Volkswagen Group has discovered Ducati’s debt is lower than the originally estimated 200 million euros, and the 750 million euro offer would double the price Investindustrial paid for Ducati when they bought it back in 2005 from the Texas Pacific Group.

Remember, in the background of all these machinations, there’s also the specter of the Volkswagen’s failed deal with Suzuki. As we reported at the time, we’d guess this deal had more to do with four-wheelers, but with Volkswagen teasing us with hints of two-wheeled plans, who’s to say? Anyway, with that deal down the tubes, it’s possible the Volkswagen Group is hoping to add a new motorcycle manufacturer deal to help out with whatever skunk works project they were dealing with.

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