Mods n' Rockers returns for 2012

If you're one of the lucky few to own a Triton, take it to Toronto's Mods n' Rockers show this summer. Photo:

If you’ve been wondering if you’d get a chance to take your cafe’d Triton out for a burnup, have no fear – Mods n’ Rockers is returning to Toronto this summer.

The Mods n’ Rockers festival, named in honour of two of Britain’s (in)famous motorcycling subcultures of the swinging ’60s, is a way for vintage scooterists and motorcyclists to celebrate their machines, without the chain-swinging brawls that accompanied the scooter/bike seaside showdowns of decades past.

Instead, the two-day event is part of a series of festival in major cities like Chicago, Houston, and San Diego that promotes the legacy and lifestyle that comes with the vintage bikes. The Toronto event is the biggest of its kind in Canada, and at the last International Motorcycle Supershow, it was voted “Best Event” in the riders category. In other words, people have a good time.

If you want more details, keep an eye on the event’s website.

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