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Welcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Solving a hairy problem

Tired of messy helmet hair? The Airhead's marketers claim their product will solve your problems.

Do you have a problem with helmet hair? The truth is, most bikers aren’t keen on the messy ‘do, but they realize it comes with the territory.

Or at least, it used to. Not anymore, though – you can just go out and buy yourself an Airhead. Now, some of you older riders may say “Sure, sure I used to ride an airhead, and it never made any difference with my hair.” But we’re not talking ’bout your classic BMW engine, we’re talking about a new product that’s made to wear under your helmet.

The Airhead (available at claims to solve your helmet hair problems by reducing perspiration while “creating air space for the hair.” But since the Airhead is now pressed against your skull, instead of the helmet liner, we’re not quite sure how that all works out to protect your big hair.

And that raises another question: Will the Airhead affect your helmet’s protection in a crash?

Not to worry! Their site promises that the Airhead features “extensively road tested patented technology,” along with “Australian designed advanced composite construction.” Sounds good, right? We’re just curious how it was crash tested, but we’re reassured that at least it “looks great as internal helmet art” and is available in “many different colours and styles to suit your lifestyle.” Groovy! But we still doubt it would fit over an afro.

Odd Jobs

What if Apple designed scooters? That seems to be the theme of this foreign television spot, plugging Honda’s scooters with a Steve Jobs lookalike. The people behind the video had better watch out, or they might find themselves slapped with a beyond-the-grave lawsuit, like the one we saw in last week’s Friday Fudge.

Bad behaviour

Just the thing for ensuring you stay youthful during your prison stay!

It turns out Thai criminals may be bad to the bone, but they’re not bad to the skin.

The Phuket Gazette spilled the beans on a trio of local baddies this week, who were involved in all sorts of nasty shenanigans, including motorcycle theft (!) and dealing crystal meth.

But it wasn’t their villainous vehicular activities or their deadly dope dealing that set the police on to the bike-stealing gang. They were originally caught when the fuzz nabbed two of them for stealing Nivea body lotion from a local convenience store.

So, while they might have been rough around the edges, it seems the hoodlums must have secretly been softies … at least in the epidermal department.

Bulking up

Here at the CMG office, things are busy. So busy, in fact, that we don’t get the chance to work out as often as we’d like. That is, until we saw this YouTube clip – now we’re anxious to try this routine. OK, maybe that’s a stretch of the truth – but it does look like a good way to get ripped … or run over.

Icy cool

A Yamaha R1! A Porsche 911! Copious amounts of tire studs! Need we say more?



  1. Re the nut doing weights while in a wheelie. Did you note the dents in his tank? Hopefully he hasn’t dropped the bar into his crotch while learning. Ouch!

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