TTXGP, FIM team up

With co-operation between race series, battery bike racing should find it a little easier to get off the ground.

Co-operation is usually a good thing; at least, that’s what the TTXGP and FIM e-Power series are hoping.

Normally, the groups run two different series, the TTXGP World Series and the FIM e-Power International Championship.

However, the two race organizations announced their co-operation on three races again for 2012. They’re going to team up for the Laguna Seca event on July 28-29, the Aug. 11-12 race in Oschersleben, Germany, and the 24-hour Le Mans race in France, Sept. 7-8.

If electric racing is to get off the ground, moves like this are probably what’s needed; electric racing needs co-operation, not infighting. Azhar Hussein, TTXGP founder, says it this way: “Our combined resources behind a single goal has an historic opportunity to deliver a transformational mission to motorsports and beyond.” In other words, if everyone plays together, the innovation stays together.

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