Motus abandons GDI

Motus's new sport tourer won't have direct fuel injection, reports say.

The big news behind Motus’s sport tourer project was its GDI (gasoline direct injection) that powered its Corvette-derived V4 engine. Motus founder Lee Conn touted the system as the first example of the technology on a production motorcycle.

The word on the street now, though, is that Motus has abandoned the technology in favour of port fuel injection.

According to Asphalt and Rubber, Conn says the GDI system Motus developed worked very well during their testing, but support for the technology wasn’t there with dealers, customers, technicians and tuners.

It’s a disappointing move for some, who had hoped to see the interesting GDI technology hit the motorcycling mainstream. And, while fuel port injection technology has been around for some time now, many wrenching riders are still uncomfortable with it, preferring the carburetor technology they’re familiar with, so even the traditionalists aren’t going to all be happy with Motus’s move.

3 thoughts on “Motus abandons GDI”

  1. Direct injection has a big negative (besides exploding ultra-high-pressure fuel pumps): carbon-fouled intake valves, which require periodic manual cleaning, i.e., an expensive proposition. I’d gladly take port injection, or — port combined with direct injection.

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