Honda to build new Indonesian plant

Honda is supposed
Until we see news like this, about the millions of bikes sold in developing countries, we just don't get the global motorcycle picture.

Honda is building a new motorcycle factory in Indonesia, to build machines on a scale we can only imagine here in North America.

Honda is building the factory with partner PT Astra Honda Motor (AHJ). It’ll be their fourth factory in conjunction with AHJ, and the plan is to build 1.1 million scooters a year at the factory, with 3,000 employees.

And, get this: those scooters aren’t even intended for export. Indonesia is the world’s third largest two-wheeler market, after China and India.

All together, AHJ plans to build and sell 5,300,000 bikes out of their four Indonesian plants, putting their production in the Asia/Oceania region at 11.5 million motorcycles. They figure there will be 8.3 million bikes sold in Indonesia in 2012, and they figure about 4.8 million of those will be Hondas.

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