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Boot Hill

The great boot battle is over.

Last winter, we told you about a lawsuit against Harley-Davidson that came from beyond the grave, sort of. No, a shambling, zombified corpse didn’t serve them with a court notice – instead, they were sued by Marlon Brando’s estate, after Harley-Davidson named a pair of their boots after the actor (who never even rode a Harley-Davidson in his classic motorcycle rebellion film, The Wild One).

It appears that the fuss is all over now, though, with the parties announcing in court they’ve reached a settlement. They haven’t released any details of the deal, though.

Should Harley-Davidson ever have another problem with lawsuits from the dead, though, we suggest they watch the following video for one sportbiker’s solution to the problem.

Or, if they decide that the dead – or undead – are suitable inspirations for riding boots, perhaps they can watch the following zombie biker film for some more footwear-naming inspiration.

Return of the Toecutter?

Just the thing for packing up your machete and tearing across a post-apocalyptic landscape ...
... although we doubt that life insurance will be available after The Big Crash.

Fans of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic Mel Gibson film Mad Max will surely remember the movie’s outlandish motorcycle gang.

Dressed in wild costumes and riding ratted-out big-bore street bikes, the gang (with names like The Toecutter, The Night Rider, and Johnny-the-Boy) and their crazy two-wheelers were certainly the most interesting part of the film.

Well, it seems aftermarket manufacturer Wunderlich wants to keep that feeling alive, with their new customized BMW S1000RR.

Outfitted with Continental knobbies and dirt bike handlebars, the machine looks like something the film’s bikers would ride if the End of The World As We Know It happened today.

It’s even stickered up with outlandish decals, like the bikes in the original film. It’s not something you’ll likely see parked in front of your local Starbucks …

Death by racing

Sure, nobody likes speeding tickets, but it could be worse. At least you can't be executed for racing in Canada ... yet.

Ontario riders often complain about their province’s draconian anti-speeding laws, but trust us – things could get much, much worse. They could be in China.

Consider the case of two Chinese riders who were caught last month after ripping around the streets of Shanghai on a pair of liter bikes. Under new laws, they could get seven years in prison, or even death, if it’s found their actions were detrimental to the public. Forget the Dalai Lama – our government needs to put street racers on its list of political refugees!

Story source: Visordown

Drag race hero

Usually, when you see a video from Icon, it features some wheelie-popping stunter, fleeing the law.

Here’s something a bit different, though. This YouTube offering showcases Ethan Barkley, who’s won 12 Canadian national drag racing titles. Check it out!

Finally legal

Sure, he's fast on the track, but Lorenzo is still limited to 47hp on the street.

Jorge Lorenzo has been one of the world’s top motorcycle racer for a few years no, but he recently passed another milestone: This week, he passed his Spanish motorcycle street test.

Such a privilege does not come without responsibility, however: as he’s just a newly licensed rider, the Spanish authorities have conditions for Lorenzo to follow. After all, who knows what sort of mischief a young, reckless rider on his first street bike can get into? As a result, Lorenzo has strict limitations on his license: for now, he’s not allowed to ride anything with more than 47 hp. We reckon that’s still more than enough to keep him clear of the fuzz, if he really wanted to open the throttle …



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