Art the Dart, and more

Art Robbins, running at Shannonville back in 1983.
Art Robbins, running at Shannonville back in 1983.

The legendary Art Robbins, perhaps the most naturally talented Canadian racer ever (and sadly and unquestionably the most self-destructive), has surfaced in the Toronto area.

Pat Gonsalves, Q107 radio sales manager and long-time announcer, race fan, and sponsor, tracked ‘Art the Dart’ down and had lunch with him while inviting him to the Masters of Mosport ceremony at the Mopar CSBK round this August.

Gonsalves told CMG, “Art’s recovering from a broken leg … he got hit on his E-Bike last fall (has a rod in his leg and pins and screws). He lost his driver’s and motorcycle licence. He looks okay but needs dental work and he still smokes and has some other issues …”

So, business as usual then for Art, the Keith Richards of Canadian motorcycle racing.

* Monday we posted a list of the Canadian superbike riders on BMWs this season. We got one rider status wrong; Sebastien Tremblay is a Pro, not an Amateur.

* We’ve since also discovered that seriously fast teen Aubrey Bailey from Parry Sound will be bolstering the Honda squad in his second Pro season, with both 600 and 1,000 cc machines. He’s not sure if they can do the whole series, but plan to get to all they can in addition to doing Ontario regional rounds.




  1. ‘the dart’ was quite the talent. what a waste. still have great memories of watching him ride in his prime. hope he finds peace.

  2. Art was a God. His talent was prodigious! I mean, he could drink like a plumber, and still do drugs like a rock-star, at the same time! Also, the poor wee man was a once-in-a-lifetime talent on a motorcycle.

    Sadly, I feel the early death of his parents, and the relative fame and money made a mark on our Art. God bless the man and his failings. I sincerely hope this wonderful
    person eventually turns around his life.

    If Art was an American, his management team and corporate partners would have seen the way to channel Art’s enthusiasm in more positve manners and we should all now be basking in the reflective glory of a once or twice or three times 500GP World Champion.

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