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Track Daze

It’s ice racing season in Alberta right now; here’s Rick Mercer’s take on the 24-hour Numb Bum race, a 15-km classic loop that’s probably got Motegi and Imola shaking in their boots …

Comic relief

As the Comic Book Guy would say ... "Worst promotion - ever!"

Harley-Davidson is trying to attract a new market – comic book nerds.

The Bar and Shield company is running a promotion with Marvel Comics that will see five lucky winners receive a custom hog. But wait, there’s more! Not only will the winners get tricked-out V-twins, they’ll also get to star in an Avengers digital comic book, along with their new motorcycle.

It’s a win-win situation … at least, as long as you don’t mind your friends constantly telling you they’ll “see you in the funny papers.” Although we think that line might have gone out with the 1940s.

Anyway, the timing is certainly right for Harley-Davidson to broaden their market – we just wonder why they’d try to attract buyers who rarely leave their parents’ basement.

Story source: Cyril Huze

A not-so-smooth getaway

It’s every bank robber’s dream; grab the dough, and take off for the easy life.

One Spanish bank robber decided the best way to pull that off was ask for a getaway motorcycle in exchange for two hostages. The plan sounded smart at first – take off on two wheels, and head off loaded down with money, while sticking it to The Man.

Except, of course, when you examine all the factors. Like the fact that the police have cars specifically designed for chasing down crims … or in this case, cutting them off. It may seem a little harsh but we’re betting the cop didn’t jump out and say, “Sorry, didn’t see you.”

Gritty Grandma

Jim Carrey once put it this way: “Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.”

Well, they can be dangerous behind the handlebars, too. Just watch this video of a hog-ridin’ grandma, who gets her kicks by riding through the backyard fence.

Bear on a bike

While you were a kid watching Looney Tunes and Spider-Man on Saturday morning television, Russian kids were watching … well, foxy foxes and mechanically handy bears and the like, as they carved motorcycles out of trees and rode around in the woods. Check out this cartoon from 1969, subtitled in English! It really makes you wonder about the build quality of those old-school, original Urals.


  1. So now when I accidentally type in csbk.COM instead of csbk.CA I might actually see something about a Canadian? Cool 🙂

    •  Oops, replied under the wrong story. Well consider that applied to the one about the Canadian racing in China.

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