Royal Enfield grows

Try picturing a 250 cc motor in this frame.
Imorovements like fuel injection have helped Royal Enfield boost their sales numbers.

Royal Enfield is seeing fantastic growth.

The Indian manufacturer of retro-styled motorcycles sold 74,626 bikes in 2011, up 42 per cent from their 2010 sales figures, when they sold 52,576.

There are many reasons for the good news. Royal Enfield has brought significant upgrades to their motorcycles, making them more user-friendly while retaining their classic vintage looks. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re doing business in India, which could be the world’s biggest motorcycle market at the moment.

Maybe the biggest factor, though, are current industry trends. Brands formerly seen as niche marques have seen great growth in the last couple years, while the Japanese brands that once had numbers to beat have seen their sales drop. That’s not to say they aren’t selling – Honda and Yamaha are selling millions of bikes and are certainly in no danger from Royal Enfield. But, they just aren’t seeing the same growth as other brands formerly viewed as either toys, novelties or luxury machines.


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