Update: Open Road insurance changes

Wearing your gear can be the difference between severe injuries and walking away from a crash.
Like it or not, you need insurance if you want to ride on the street. Open Road's changes could make that more affordable.

Yesterday, we told you there were changes coming to the MMIC’s Open Road Powersports Insurance program. Here’s a bit more information on those changes.

Apparently, the program is now sourcing their insurance quotes from more than one provider; previously, everything was done through Primmum, which didn’t necessarily make for the most competitive rates.

Also, the program will be available for more powersports vehicles. Previously, it was available for quads and motorcycles, but now it’s also open to watercraft and snowmobiles, and they can also provide quotes for home and auto insurance as well. It remains to be seen, but this could possibly bring insurance prices down for riders – bundling your insurance often grants a discount.

As before, you’ll be able to get a quote online or over the telephone, but now you’ll also be able to get a quote at a dealership as well.

If you’re an existing Open Road customer, you’ll need to contact them for a new quote, thanks to the new changes.



  1. Holly crap! Did hell freeze over? Is Don Henley back with the Eagles?
    It sounds like MMIC actually listened to motorcyclists and is doing something constructive about the state of motorcycle insurance.
    Hmmm. I might have to rethink my position on the Mickey Mouse Imbecile Club.

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