New Horex almost ready

It's going to expensive when it comes to market, but there's no other motorcycle quite like it at the moment.
Sure, it's supposed to have lots of power, but the Horex VR6 comes with a big price tag.

Horex’s new VR6 motorcycle is almost ready for production, the company says.

The reborn German manufacturer first showed off their prototype at the Cologne show in 2010, and they’ve been busy refining the machine in the year-and-a-half since.

The new bike is supposed to get 161hp and 100ft-lb of torque from a six-cylinder 1218cc engine. It’s supposed to be a fantastic performer in the lower end of the rev range, putting out 66ft-lb of torque at only 2,000 rpms, and 74 ft-lb at 3500 rpms.

The bikes are supposed to start deliver in April, but you’d better start saving – the machines are expected to cost around 18,000 pounds. We don’t even want to know what that works out to in Canadian dollars …


  1. I may be old fashioned but I think the styling is a relief from the norm. I was actually glad to see a rear fender which seems non existent on other bikes lately. Hell it even seems practicle for a passenger. 

  2. Hopefully they refine the looks of the rear fender somewhat…it kinda looks like a garage build…to me the styling is a little off the mark…but that’s just me, and at 18,000 pounds??  Um, no thanks…I’ll pass.


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