Cop says he drank for comfort after fatal crash

Canadian motorcycle groups say they want a zero blood alcohol content law in place for motorcyclists.
Benjamin 'Monty' Robinson says he drank after his fatal collision for comfort.

Benjamin ‘Monty’ Robinson has testified he felt fit to drive the night of his collision with motorcyclist Orion Hutchinson, and he drank after the crash for comfort, not to derail an impaired driving charge.

Robinson, an RCMP corporal, is on trial in B.C.’s Supreme Court on charges of obstruction of justice; the Crown alleges Robinson drank vodka after the crash to beat an impaired driving charge. After Robinson collided with Hutchinson, he handed his license to bystanders, then took his children home on foot. He claims he drank alcohol there for comfort following the crash, then returned to the scene. Although his breathalyzer readings were too high to allow him to drive, Robinson claimed the high readings were due to his drinking after the accident, not before.

Robinson had been at a Halloween party the afternoon before the crash, where he drank five beers over four hours, he testified in court. He said he felt fit for driving afterwards, says the Canadian Press.

Robinson also denied claims from a Crown witness, who had alleged Robinson had talked about the “last drink” defense as a way to beat a drunk driving charge, months before the crash.

According to the CBC, Robinson told the court he was driven to drinking by the stresses of his job, particularly his involvement in the Robert Dziekanski incident, where the Polish immigrant died after being tasered in the Vancouver International Airport. Robinson was the leader of the team involved in the incident.


  1. Has this guy been booted from the RCMP yet?  He seems to have a habit of lies and coverups.  He will get the benefit of a doubt (as he probably should) in the DUI trial, since it will be difficult to prove with certainty that he was over the limit, but he certainly seems unsuited for his job.  (Unless you’re really cynical and think this is what RCMP officers are expected to behave like).

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