Rally Connex releases 2012 schedule

Rally Connex has another busy year ahead of them in 2012.
Rally Connex has another busy year ahead of them in 2012.

Rally Connex has sent us their 2012 schedule, and it looks like a busy year for them again.

Their season kicks off with their May 12 training day in Bowmanville, Ontario. In years past, this event was intended to help new riders develop off-road technique, but experienced riders also find the training sessions useful in helping them focus on refining skills.

The training day starts off with GPS training, bike set-up and riding technique instruction. In the afternoon, riders will follow GPS routes to off-road training areas to further tweak their skills in technical training sessions.

Next, Rally Connex is once again running their Paris to Dacre Rally on June 22-24. This event is a bi-annual dual sport tribute to the Dakar rally, and we hear there’s some changes coming to the format this year. Stay tuned – we’ll update you when we have more information.

Fast-forward to September 22-23, and Rally Connex will once again host their Corduroy Enduro Dualsport Tour and Trail Ride. Register ahead of time, and you’ll get a discount on the events. As usual, Rally Connex will have sweep trucks and and support staff to help out, if needed. We’ll have more information on this event as it draws closer.

Finally, Rally Connex closes off the season with their Terra Nova Enduro Dualsport Tour on Oct. 14. Come for the ride, and you’ll get a chance to take in 290 kms of southern Ontario riding, through the fall colours, as well as watch the Terra Nova Enduro special test, featuring the top off-roaders from Quebec and Ontario.

Want more information? Keep an eye on CMG – we’ll give you more info when we have it. Or, visit Rally Connex’s website.


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