Aprilia Caponard comes to light

Here's the Caponard prototype. Photo: Asphalt and Rubber
Here's the Caponard prototype. Photo: Asphalt and Rubber

The Moto Guzzi California 1400 wasn’t the only new machine to come to light at the recent Piaggio dealer’s meeting – we also have a sneak peak at the Aprilia Caponard.

Aprilia’s new adventure tourer seems to be based on the Dorsoduro 1200 – it looks like it shares the same frame and engine. That would mean Ducati’s Multistrada would still have an edge over the Caponard (also known as the Tuareg 1200), as the Dorsoduro puts out around 130hp and 85 lb-ft of torque – and the Multistrada tops those numbers. The Dorsoduro isn’t light, either, at 492 lbs, meaning the Caponard could be a hefty machine to wrestle around in the dirt.

As a result, some industry insiders figure the Caponard will feature ABS and an impressive electronics package, to give it a leg up on some of its other competition.

The machine is expected to be released as a 2013 model.



  1. The first generation Aprila Caponord was a top-heavy sunuvabitch, although it supposedly rode quite nicely once moving.  Its off-road capability was quite limited (like the Multistrada and V-
    Strom) which probably doesn’t really matter for the majority of potential buyers who buy these things as sport tourers for the long-legged.

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