Race news: Canadians abroad

Javelin Broderick from Sudbury is getting his start in the AMA series this summer.
Javelin Broderick from Sudbury is getting his start in the AMA Pro Supersport series this summer.

Here’s some news on a couple of Canadians’ AMA efforts.

First off, remember Scottish-Canadian Ben Young? He’s running in the AMA Pro GoPro Daytona Sportbike class this season, and is signed up to race the Daytona 200 next month.

Now, he’s got more help behind him; his hometown Tim Hortons announced they were sponsoring him a couple weeks ago, but he’s added Four Feathers Racing from Indiana to his support at the Daytona 200 as well. That’s great news for Young, as Four Feathers owner Scotty Van Hawk has raced Daytona himself, and helped other riders, including Steve Rapp, who won the event in 2007. Hopefully this extra help will push Young towards a great finish at the classic event.

We’re not sure, but there might be something in the water in Sudbury, because Young isn’t the only up-and-coming AMA racer hailing from there – Javelin Broderick, who now lives in Ojai, California, is also hoping to work his way up the AMA ranks these days.

Broderick started racing in 2008 on a PW80, and he’s been cleaning up ever since. He’s taken four WERA titles in three years, including the 2011 WERA West Expert B Superbike Championship. Now, the 16-year-old is going to debut this year in the AMA’s Pro Supersport class aboard an R6, with Yamaha sponsorship.

Hopefully, both Broderick and Young will make things happen in the U.S. series this season – it’d be great to see more recognition for Canadian racers.



  1. Too bad that Brett McCormick hasn’t been able to find a ride in WSBK thus far. No money in it anymore…. seems you have to pretty much pay your own way.

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