David Robb quits BMW

David Robb
David Robb

Iconic BMW designer, David Robb has left BMW.

The reasons are still a little murky but it appears that the departure may have been prompted after Robb had a falling out with a colleague, though we don’t know if he was pushed or if he jumped as a result.

Robb joined BMW’s motorcycle design team back in 1993 and has been credited with turning the motorcycle division of the company around, bringing in bikes such as the 800 and 1200 GSs, the sporty S1000RR and the K1600 inline six tourers. His first vision was the K1200RS, which broke the BMW mould with radical styling and 30 hp more than the company’s self-imposed 100 hp limit of the time. Its success meant that Robb had hand to try out more radical designs which undoubtedly led to the highs that the company enjoys today.

Although his replacement is expected to be announced shortly, Robb was so much the design heart of BMW it’ll be interesting to see if the new guy can fill those very big shoes. It will also be very interesting to see where Robb pops up next!


  1. Big Deal,  really.  May be now we will get functional motorcycle with saddle bags that don’t look like a couple of shopping carts straped to the back.

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