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Rear ended

Did you know Harley-Davidson made cologne? We didn’t either, until we saw this YouTube commercial that originally ran in 2008.

Apparently, this fragrance is intended to give you a bad-ass smell. That might sound appealing to you – or it might not, depending how many baby diapers you’ve had to change over your life. So, we’re not sure why this ad campaign is supposed to be effective – sure, Harley-Davidson enjoys their outlaw image, but nobody wants to associate their product with a bunch of bums.

Story source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

High-flying antics

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s a … backflip?

Petr Pila backflips his bike over a low-flying airplane.

Good to go

Every motorcyclist should go through a pre-ride safety check on his bike before riding. Here in Canada, that usually includes such actions as checking your oil, fuel, and tire pressure levels. In the third world, it can include such actions as tucking in your desert clothes while your pillion keeps the engine running, then flipping your turban back – right into his face – and then, safety confirmed, pulling an accidental wheelie, ditching your buddy first, then your bike.

No cars allowed

A motorcycle-only gas station: An idea whose time has come.

Of course, we’re not trying to run down motorcyclists in the developing world. They’ve got some great ideas, like this Indonesian gas station for instance. This Shell filling station is something we need here in Canada.

Take a look at the picture; at first, it looks like any other fuel fill-up, but there’s one key distance: This gas station is motorcycle-only. Think of the luxury – you can fill your motorcycle up without having to wait for blue-haired grannies to pay for their lottery tickets inside. On second thought, in Indonesia, blue-haired grannies ride motorcycles, not cars, so it might not be any different at all.

Story source: Visordown

The title says it all

This YouTube video is titled Two Idiots, Some Pogoboots, and a Motorcycle … and that says it all.

Though you’d think after the first attempt they’d call it a day. We can only hope that at least the guy on the Pogoboots can no longer reproduce.

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