Is another Boorman/McGregor collaboration coming?

Charley Boorman - seen here on his way through New Brunswick in 2011 - may be on the road again soon with collaborator Ewan McGregor. Photo:

Five years after their televised Scotland-South Africa trip, Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor are supposedly planning another adventure.

Of course Boorman and McGregor are well-known in motorcycling circles for starring in both the 2007 adventure, known as the Long Way Down, and a 2004 expedition, east from London to New York, known as the Long Way Round. Boorman’s been involved in a couple of other travel pieces since, including his Extreme Frontiers journey across Canada last year.

It’s been a while, though, since both the boys have collaborated on a major project, and they recently told the BBC they were working on a new adventure, a follow-up to their earlier trips.

Naturally, you’d guess it’d be titled Long Way Up, and many fans are hoping for some sort of a ride through the Americas. But Boorman and McGregor haven’t tipped their hands as to their exact plan. We’ll just have to wait and see.

5 thoughts on “Is another Boorman/McGregor collaboration coming?”

  1. Would love to see the boys meeting all the ‘ First Nation Tribes of the World’ some Native American war paint and camp fires, Aboriginal ceremony’s, first nation of Japan, Inuit culture, Rainforest tribes, that sort of thing just reminding people about the fab cultures we have in the world. They are both people persons and would make great ambassadors ..

  2. About bloody time! And hopefully this time Ewan’s wife won’t try to butt in and spoil the whole bloody ride.

    1. ” Ewan’s wife was out of order with her tears and demands i bet she rang him every day. It was like when you find out your husband has a mistress you have to ” fight to keep him ” and the only way she could do it was to get a bike and learn to ride so she could keep an eye on him. I thought it was interesting in one shot of the three riding together the camera crew put her in the middle of Ewan and Charley, that clip spoke a thousand words..”

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