Manitoba racing documentary is underway

Winnipeg's own World's Fastest Indian.
Winnipeg's own World's Fastest Indian.

Former CMG contributor Richard Seck is back in Canada, and he’s sent us a news release about a new project coming out of Manitoba. See below for the details.

“100 Years of Speed and Daring – Manitoba Racing Tales Required!”

Did you know that Winnipeg has its own world’s fastest Indian? Yep, Ted Hector set four world speed records at Bonneville Salt Flats one year ago.

And who knew that in 1989, nine out ten Canadian motorcycle road racing champions were from Manitoba? Former Canadian National 125 GP road racing champion, turned film maker, Alf Kollinger does and he’s aiming to create a documentary to celebrate 100 years of motorcycle racing in Manitoba. Alf is covering everything from road racing, to motocross, to trials, to madmen setting land speed records a hundred years ago on a horse racing track.

Material for the video production is already being complied at but this is just the beginning. Alf is looking for the best racing stories from Manitoba, so if you’ve a tale to tell please don’t hesitate to contact him in Winnipeg at Elan Vital Productions: 204-791-4383, or email him at

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