Husqvarna unveils more Baja concept

Here's what the Baja looked like when first unveiled.
Of all the cool concept bikes that Husqvarna's unveiled lately, the Baja looks the most offroad-worthy.
.., And here's the view from the rear.

Husqvarna shows off more of the new Baja concept at the New York motorcycle show.

Like Husqvarna’s MOAB and Strada, the Baja combines BMW’s liquid-cooled single-cylinder 650cc engine with throwback styling. The headlight in particular looks suspiciously similar to old-school number plates of desert racers past.

It's not all retro; Husqvarna threw this futuristic-looking LED dash on the Baja.

Throw in some other modern touches like fuel injection, Brembo disc brakes and a 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel, and you’ve got a bike that looks like serious fun on-road and off-road, if it ever makes it to production – which it hopefully does.

Husqvarna’s sales slid a bit last year, while parent company BMW’s numbers grew. The fantastic concept machines we’ve seen in the last few weeks could be signs of a turnaround for the company, though, as online reaction to the machines has been overwhelmingly positive.


  1. She is FUGLY to the MAX ! I am an old school 42 year old . I am current but I prefer the old Husky of the 70s over this thing ! Plus digital dash on a moto-X ,  that is ludicris !  Husky take some cues from Aprillia and Ducati , then come back and see me .

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