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A young outlaw

Could police oppression drive young Noriega right into the gangster lifestyle? Bikesploitation films would indicate as much!

Gael Noriega is a Mexican biker who’s been oppressed by The Man. He recently picked up a ticket for reckless driving, driving without a license and having an unregistered vehicle after he drove his bike into an SUV.

So what, you say, serves him right – scofflaws give us all a bad name. And that would be true – if Noriega wasn’t a six-year-old boy, piloting a remote-control toy motorcycle. That’s right, the Mexican fuzz, probably deciding that schoolboys are easier targets than drug cartels, seized Noriega’s toy bike and slapped him with $183 in tickets after he ran the toy bike into an SUV.

Noriega’s mother was understandably unhappy with the incident – not only were the charges ridiculous, but she was stuck with paying the fine. She went to the media with the story, prompting the police to drop the charges and return the bike. Still, it might be too late – if bikesploitation movies have taught us anything, it’s that most outlaws get their start after being mistreated by the law. Local authorities had better keep their eye on Noriega now, in case the disillusioned youth rounds up some friends and starts an outlaw bicycle gang.

Source: Castanet

Grudge match

Remember Icon’s Motorcycle vs. Car video that hit YouTube back in January of 2011? Well, the gear manufacturer is back with another extreme drifting video, this time featuring Nick “Apex” Brocha and Ernie Vigil on Triumph Speed Triples, and Dan Brockett in a 550hp Ford Mustang Cobra. Enjoy!

Giving the finger

Hopkins had to let doctors go medieval on his finger, so he could race in 2012.

Some people would give an arm and a leg to become a pro motorcycle racer, so John Hopkins should consider himself lucky; he’s only given up a finger.

Hopkins, an American racing in the World Superbike championship this year, injured his finger in a race last season. It hasn’t been healing properly, and Hopkins wanted to be ready for the start of the 2012 season, so he gave his docs the go-ahead to cut off the digit.

Hopkins is in fine company – plenty of other racers have had similar surgeries – but if he wants to keep the rest of his digits, we hope he doesn’t run into the Toecutter and his gang.

Snow days

What’s a motorcyclist to do while he waits for the season to start? Well, Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden just go and take a snow day.

But not everyone puts away the two-wheeler. Check out this video of an intrepid off-roader with balls of steel. Or is it fake? If so, it’s done very well …

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