Liquid-cooled R1250GS spotted?

If this spy shot is legit, then you're probably looking at the next installment in BMW's long-running GS series.
If this spy shot is legit, then you're looking at the next instalment in BMW's long-running GS series.

It seems the rumours surrounding BMW’s liquid-cooled R1250GS are true.

For a few months now, there have been whispers that BMW was fitting a radiator to its big bore adventure bike, but some supposed spy shots surfacing on the web seem to prove the gossip true.

You can’t see a lot of the cooling system changes on the photos, allegedly shot on a Spanish highway, but you can see that BMW’s engineers have been to work, tweaking and upgrading. Its drive shaft and exhaust canister have switched sides on the bike (with the headers now exiting from the underside of the cylinders), and the beak on the front of the machine has changed.

Was ist das? The Boxer motor gets a radical change.

Of course, some BMW fans may decry the move; when BMW introduces this new motor throughout their range (as is their way), it’ll likely mean they won’t have an air-cooled bike in their lineup for the first time in company history.


  1. Obviously spy shots. I mean, who wouldn’t be ready (with camera in hand) to snap off a shot of two BMWs coming through a corner in some obscure part of Spain?

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