Victory plays Hard-Ball

Victory's new Hard-Ball wants to be a cruiser and a touring bike, at the same time.
Victory's new Hard-Ball wants to be a cruiser and a touring bike, at the same time.












Did you want a Victory High-Ball set up for touring straight from the factory?

Well, somebody must have been asking for one, because that’s essentially what Victory’s new Hard-Ball is. It’s not exactly the “all-new” machine fans were hoping for, but it’ll have to do.

Here’s what you get for your $20,699 Canadian. First, there’s hard bags on the Hard-Ball, but no windscreen. You can tour with it, but most guys laying down long-distance miles will probably consider aftermarket wind protection.

The Hard-Ball has the same air-cooled, 1731cc, fuel-injected V-twin that’s found in the High-Ball, and has that same long and low look, with a 65.7-inch wheelbase and  26.5-inch seat height. It has the same adjustable ape hanger bars as well.

The Hard-Ball has a six-speed transmission and a belt final drive reinforced with carbon fiber.

The bike slows down with dual 300mm discs in front, with four-piston calipers. The rear brake is a single 300mm disc with a two-piston caliper. The bike also features ABS.

Dry weight is a hefty 751 pounds. Fuel capacity is 5.8 gallons. The front fork is an inverted telescopic unit, and the rear shock is a single, gas-adjustable monotube arrangement.


    • Victory has the guts to ask $20669 for the
      « all new » ball, basically the same Cross Roads blacked out and
      featuring ABS. I tested the huge 2011 Cross Roads sibling and I almost droped
      it in the parking lot. Once I used to like Victory. Disapointing…

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