Cleveland CycleWerks coming to Canada

Cleveland CycleWerks is planning to sell their motorcycles in Canada.


Cleveland CycleWerks (they call themselves CCW) is a U.S.-based company that sells small-displacement motorcycles they have built to their specs, in China. It’s a pretty similar setup to what Johnny Pag has done for years.

Right now, CCW’s lineup has three retro-themed air-cooled motorcycles around 250cc. They sell a hardtail bobber they call the Heist, a cafe racer they call the Misfit, and a standard called the Ace, due to reach the US in 2012. They’re also working on bringing in a water-cooled dual-sport called the Hooligun.

We don’t know if CCW will sell their full lineup here, or when their bikes will become available but Editor ‘arris will be trying to get some more info on them at the Toronto Show this weekend.

If you want more information, you can check out their machines on their website or Youtube or their booth at this weekend’s show.


  1. Awesome looking bikes. Personally I don’t care where they are built as long as they are sold and serviced properly in Canada, which means it’s supporting the Canadian economy… 

  2.  I think what Scott is trying to do here is commendable. I have read and watched all that I can about this company and really respect the trouble he’s going to. The naysayers should check out his video’s on youtube. He is not employing slave labor or abusing the employee’s in any way. They build motorcycles by hand and then road test them before shipping. He has a great product and a very competitive price, and is quickly building a reputation for dependable service and reliability.

     In an interview, Scott quoted his father as saying “You can build for the classes and eat with the masses, or build for the masses and eat with the classes.” (I hope I got that right Scott)

      This simple insight, shows the brilliance behind the design. This is a product for everyone. My only question is where do I get mine?!?

    • Sad. Bikes built by exploited Chinese labour. North American Bikes exported to China get a 25% tariiff. We should reciprocate.

      • This is Scott from CCW.  We also manufacture in the USA, but that information seems to be unimportant to the anti-Chinese folks out there.  I live in China, eat, drink, and live with my employees 1/2 of the year.  CCW also supports over 200 families in the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa and everywhere we manufacture and distribute.  CCW is a small global organization manufacturing quality products.  We just acquired a facility in Cleveland to manufacture more products in the USA.  We can not change the hearts and minds of everyone, all we can do is make quality products and support those who support us.  Cheers  

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