Toronto parking: the free ride could end

The free parking program for Toronto's motorcyclists could meet its end today.
The free parking program for Toronto's motorcyclists could meet its end today.

Motorcyclists in Toronto may have to start paying for parking again.

If budget chief Mike Del Grande and councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam have their way, it’ll be the beginning of the end for the free ride after a council meeting today.

According to the Toronto Sun, Del Grande thinks it’s unfair that the city allows two-wheelers to park without pumping money into the city coffers, saying the city shouldn’t be taking any loss of revenue at all. He also says the free parking is unfair to owners of four-wheeled vehicles.

As a result, Wong-Tam and Del Grande are asking council to vote on a motion to end the free parking program today.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your free parking could end as of Thursday morning, should this pass; bylaw changes like these typically have to pass more than one reading. But if you live in TO, you should get on top of this; you can find a list of councillors to email here.


  1. How much revenue are we really talking about?

    Not much when you look at the amount of motorcycles and scooters parked around the city.

    It’s a step backwards.

  2. I think Del Grande needs to review WHY free parking was given to motorcycles and scooters in the first place.

    Here are the council notes from Oct 2005:

    Motorcycle parkingOperators of motorcycles will benefit from a decision to give them free parking on Toronto streets. Council agreed to amend City bylaws in order to exempt motorcycles from parking fees at on-street parking meters/machines. The rationale is that parking receipts tend to disappear from parked motorcycles, resulting in unwarranted parking fines. Council also wants the Toronto Parking Authority to consider designating areas for motorcycle parking at its parking lots.I’d love to know how they plan to deal with that now??

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