New pictures of Honda's RC-E

Honda's RC-E, at the Tokyo show.
Honda's RC-E, at the Tokyo show.

Remember that electric concept Honda started to tease us with last month?

With its breaking edge technology and retro paint job, the RC-E is an interesting mix of old and new.

Well, they’re showing the RC-E off in Tokyo right now, and that means we’ve got some more pictures.

You can link through to Honda’s international site here to see the rest of the photos. It’s being displayed with an electric concept car as well. That’s fitting, as the RC-E’s motor comes out of the Insight concept electric car.

Watch the video below for a walkaround view of the bike.



  1. I hope they bring this one to market in its current form. 600cc performance with 250cc weight!Interested to see what the price would be? I would be just as happy with Showa/Nissin if it kept the cost reasonable. Wonder if it will make it to Canada?

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