Husqvarna unveil Strada concept at Paris Show


It seems that the only company to unveil anything new at the ongoing Paris Motorcycle Show is Husqvarna. Our man on the scene (Marc Cantin) files this report on the new Strada in between his wine and Brie samplings:

The name implies street, but the tires and bashplate suggest (some) off-road capabilities.

According to corporate bumph, the Strada (Street in Italian) is aimed at the youthful street market, with light weight (171KG), and the well established BMW 650 liquid-cooled mono we see in the G650-Series Bimmers.

Under BMW's control, Husqvarna is moving into the world of pavement.

Thankfully the motor has been “breathed on” by Husqvarna engineers to put it  in a higher state of tune in order to taker on hated competitor KTM with their 690-engined models.

Along with the low weight, street-level saddle height and a competent suspension should make this bike a favourite for the under-30 crowd.

Husky is promising a 2012 launch for Europe, but stayed mum about pricing and North American availability.


  1. Seemingly discontinue (at least for NA it seems) the hardcore dohc 630 series and replace them with a mildly tweaked Rotax, in a budget parts bin chassis.  Bean counters and boardrooms turfing dynamic offerings, for mainstream budget bikes, with bigger profit margins… 

  2. According to Wikipedia :
    « The new G650GS is
    essentially the 2007 single-cylinder F650GS brought back into production with
    some minor modifications and with the engine assembled by Loncin in China instead of Rotax in
    Austria, but still using parts manufactured by Rotax in Europe. The
    finished engines are shipped back to BMW in Germany where the bikes are
    assembled. G650GS models with the Chinese-assembled engines can be easily
    identified as the engines are painted black while in the earlier
    European-assembled engines were finished in silver. For a short period prior to
    discontinuation of the bike in 2007 the engines were assembled by Kymco in
    Taiwan. »

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