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If you want to ride at Calabogie next season, you'd better get in touch with Pro 6 Cycle soon.
If you want to ride at Calabogie next season, you'd better get in touch with Pro 6 Cycle soon.

Want to race at Calabogie in 2012? You’d better contact them, then – they’ve started taking bookings for next season, and most weekends are scheduled already, so contact them soon if you want in.

Remember, if you want to race your bike at Calabogie, you’ll have to go through Pro 6. Pro 6 will be running the track’s motorcycle events through to 2015, and that includes track days, non-profit events, and even events put on by clubs or manufacturers.

Pro 6 will also be Calabogie’s sole trackside retailer for the next four years, with racing parts available for sale at all motorcycle events, in case you’re caught in a pinch. They’ll offer street or track tires for sale (they’re Canada’s Dunlop Road Race tire distributor), and also install them at their facility.

Pro 6 is hoping to post their 2012 schedule early in December, in time for the Toronto show.

One other thing – Calabogie has installed the AMB timing system for 2012, saying it offers the “best-in-class system to measure, publish and analyze race and practice results for motorsports.” So, you can forget about trying to trick your buddies into thinking you won that photo-finish.


  1. I’ve often wondered if an “executive” style track day system could ever be established such that you could leave your bike in a garage/shed at the track, have a mechanic do any required work between track days and not have to hassle with trailering and wrenching.  It would appear that Pro 6 is starting to head in that direction with parts and repairs on site.  I had suggested this to Shannonville a number of years ago and it fell on death ears.  I don’t have the room for a bike or a trailer but would love to do track days.  With the joy of fast street riding out of bounds these days, I would think the idea would have merit.

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