Thai factories resuming production

Thailand's intense flooding has impeded motorcycle production. Photo:
Thailand's intense flooding has impeded motorcycle production. Photo:

Motorcycle production in Thailand is kicking back into gear, despite the country’s flooding woes.

Many manufacturers, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Triumph, build machines in Thailand. While it doesn’t appear that any motorcycle factories have been damaged, some manufacturers have had trouble sourcing components to build their bikes, resulting in suspended production.

Triumph says their assessing the situation, and shipments may be delayed, but they’re hoping any impact on their production will be minimal.

Honda’s motorcycle plant is back in business now, but even though it’s been over a month since they ceased production, Honda Canada say that North American motorcycle production has not been effected, so we won’t see any supply issues.

Yamaha plans to be back in operation in Thailand by November 21, though we could not find out if their BW’s 50 that is built in Thailand has been affected or not.

There’s no official word from Suzuki concerning when their Thai factories will be back in business, though we’ll update if we hear anything.


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