Mosport gets a tunnel, Austin gets the shaft

Mosport owners crane in a race car to show you what it might look like when the tunnel's finished.

You may be aware that Mosport’s ownership changed hands earlier this year, nicotine patch magnate Don Panoz having sold the track to Canadian Motorsport Ventures (CMV).

Since CMV has taken over, huge and expensive changes have already occurred, including a new entrance to the paddock (the existing tunnel, dating back to 1960, could barely accept a small trailer) and considerable landscaping to make spectator viewing easier. Also, changes to the safety systems in terms of marshal stands and communications links are underway.

And then put it on top to show how narrow the track will be going over said tunnel.

One of the new owners, Ron Fellows, is one of Canada’s most successful and talented race car drivers, having a stellar record in various sports car and stock car series, including NASCAR. “This is just the first step to turning Mosport into a state of the art facility,” said Fellows. “

No word yet on the undoubtedly extra costs of renting the track for the Canadian Superbike series or Vintage Road Racing events next year.


Meanwhile back in Austin, they also have a tunnel, but sadly no track.

Reports from Austin, Texas say that construction of the new Circuit of the Americas, intended for use by Formula 1 cars and Moto GP, has been suspended because of a failure to deliver race contracts as specified in an earlier timetable.

“We have spent tremendous resources preparing for the Formula 1 and Moto GP championship races, but the failure to deliver race contracts gives us great concern,” said Bobby Epstein, part of the management at the track.

Given the state of construction shown on the track’s website it seems unlikely that things are just going to stop dead regardless of the current tiff. Still, when big money and Bernie Ecclestone (the guy who runs Formula 1) get together, there’s no way to ever know what’s going to happen.

Kevin Schwantz, 1993 world 500 cc champion has been involved with the project, advising on track layout and design.


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